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Contribute Tutorial

Adobe Contribute

Welcome to a basic tutorial on how to keep your website up-to-date using Adobe Contribute. You may have the conception that updating a webpage requires advanced html coding knowledge but these days this isnt the case with such programs as Adobe Contribute.

Adobe Contribute was formerly known as Macromedia Contribute until a take over occured in 2005/2006. If you have heard of a web design program called Dreamweaver before, Adobe Contribute is basicly a cut-down version of it without all the complicated options and buttons.

As a great deal of information is conveyed through the University of Tasmanias website constant changes/updates are inevitable to make sure users of the website are accessing the most up-to-date information possible.

The aim of this tutorial is to allow each section of the University of Tasmania to update their own section of the website without having to first come through the Systems and Web Services team with their simple mostly text based modifications.

All editing is done on a 'testing' server and, once you are happy with the changes,they will be made 'live' on our production web server.

This doesn't mean that we won't look after your sites any longer; rather it allows us to get on with some of the more advanced web management tasks and allows you to get things organised and presented as you want them - but if you need help along the way we are happy to assist.

It is ideal to work your way through the list on the left hand side, learning how to

  • Install Adobe Contribute
  • Connect to Your Website
  • Browse to a page in your website
  • Edit a page in your webpage - Inserting text, video and tables and links to files(eg pdf and word documents)
  • Create a new webpage following the University of Tasmanias visual standard
  • publish or send your webpage for review

If Installation of Adobe Contribute has already been installed on your machine, then you can go straight onto "Connecting".