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Request Ad-hoc System Query

From time to time you may require student data that isn't readily available through the built-in reports on the USRS, Course & Unit and Fees systems. Such data can be obtained by making a request for an ad-hoc system query.

You should first check

System queries can be performed on the following UTAS Student Systems:

  • Unified Student Records System (USRS)
  • Fees Module (FEES)
  • Course & Unit Database (CUD)

Request for Ad-hoc System Query

Use this form to request data from Student Systems where the system does not provide menu-based reports that will meet your requirements. Please note that data requests usually take 5 working days to complete, or longer in peak periods, however we will do our best toservice your request in the shortest possible time.

All fields are required.

Request for ad-hoc data from Student Systems

Student Systems Usage Agreement

I am a registered Staff member of the University, Student Association or Student Union.

I am registered on the University's IT Network with an active email account.

I agree to undergo training in the use of the Inform reporting tool should I require advanced reporting privileges.

I hereby agree that I will maintain the confidentiality of information I obtain through my use of the USRS and related Student and Academic Services system, both during the time that I am employed in my current position and when I no longer hold that position.

I acknowledge that some of the information I obtain through the USRS and associated systems may be private and confidential. Iagree to use and access only that information necessary to undertake the duties of my position and not to divulge any information concerning clients of this office or the procedures and processes of Student and Academic Services without the approval of my Head of School or Section. This covers all information relating to myself, students and other members of staff.

I will consult with my Manager if I am confused as to these requirements at any stage.

I agree to abide by these guidelines and the Privacy Policy as they relate to my use and disclosure of information obtained throughthe USRS.

I understand that any breach of these conditions may result in formal disciplinary action in accordance with my employmentagreement.

Once granted access I understand that if a period of 60 days elapses where I do not utilise the USRS I will be automatically excludedfrom access and must apply to be re-instated by emailing the System Administrator on .

As a recipient of Student Systems data, I have read and agree to abide by the Student Systems Usage Agreement.

Your contact information

Your FULL Name
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Request Specification

What will you use this data for?

This question will help us determine the best way to extract the data and the format in which it is output.
What groups do you require from the system?

What student groups, class groups or enrolments should we include in our query.
What data would you like output from the system?

For the data selected above, what would you like output (eg. name, email, unit code).
Do you want to include withdrawn students?
Do you want to include international students?
Do you want offshore students included?