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Overview of Fees


Details of the fees payable relevant to your course of study will be available online in the eStudentCentre on the next business day after enrolment.  Fees are collected per semester and are due to be paid on or before the date indicated on the fees invoice.

Increases or reductions to study load will usually have an effect on the amount of fees payable.  Please check for the amended amount payable the day after making any enrolment variation. 

If you require any assistance with understanding the fees invoice, please contact the Student Centre by phoning 1300 361 928 or by using Fees Enquiry Form link available on your invoice.

Copies of Invoices issued from 2005 until June 2010 may be retrieved from eStudentCentre Archive

Other Fees and Charges

In addition to tuition fees, the University of Tasmania charges a Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF).

Please check eStudentCentre regularly and in particular before and after Census date.  Any fees or charges remaining payable may affect your enrolment, access to services or exams.

Fee Payment

There are several methods available to pay your fees. Full details are contained in How to Pay.

Pay your fees invoice online

Please have a copy of your invoice with the Amount, Billpay Code and Reference number handy


Students are required to pay:


  • fees or charges for their course, SSAF and
  • may be required to pay Other Fees and Charges such as books, stationery, instruments, materials, field-trips and other course-related incidentals.


Students who have arrangements for their fees to be paid by their employer or a sponsor must ensure that their employer receives their Invoice in sufficient time to arrange payment by the due date.

Refer to Domestic Due Dates or International Due Dates for further information on due dates.


Withdrawal from Units and Payment

If you are enrolled at close of business on the census date for a specific unit, you will incur a financial liability for that unit.  If you withdraw from any unit prior to or on the census date you will not owe any money for that unit for that census date.  (For International students this is subject to the International Refund Policy).  You should keep a copy of your withdrawal.

If you accept a place at more than one institution, or more than one place at the same institution, you must withdraw in writing from the institution and place in which you do not intend to remain enrolled. This must be done by close of business on the census date for the place(s) you are not accepting or you will have a financial liability for all units you are enrolled in.  (For International students this is subject to the International Refund Policy).



For Frequently Asked Questions, please visit Ask Student Centre.