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Results Codes


Legend of results

If you are unsure what your result code means, there is a link to the “Legend of Results” from your results page. The legend lists all results and their explanations. More extensive explanations for TP, NS, TS, WT and WC also appear below.


NS stands for Failure (supplementary exam granted). NS indicates that you have failed a unit, but have also been granted the opportunity to sit a supplementary exam in that unit. This gives you a second chance to pass the unit.

If you have an NS result you must check your personal web exam timetable as soon as possible as the exam will take place within a few days of the results being released.

You may receive a grade of NS without a mark. This indicates that that you have failed a component of the unit, such as the practical component, without which you cannot pass the unit even if your mark is above 50%.


WT, or Result Withheld, means that your school has not yet submitted a result to the Exams Office. Most WT results are available within a week of the date of the results being released.

The school has until the first day of the deferred ordinary and supplementary examination period to submit their withheld results. If your result is withheld, please keep checking, and if it does not appear, contact your school.


WC is a withdrawal code used by the Fees Committee. You have been withdrawn from your unit or units due to non-payment of fees or another fees-related issue. Please note that this refers to course fees, not the Services and Amenities fee (also known as S&A fee or union fees – more information on S&A fees is available). You should contact the Fees Unit for further information: