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It is your responsibility to attend at the correct place, date and time for an examination.  To sit an exam you must have your current University of Tasmania student ID card with you.


You must check your personal exam timetable.  Do not rely on information from other sources.  Please note that dates and times of examinations will not be moved due to work commitments or holiday bookings.

Exam starting time

Reading time for examinations starts at the time on your timetable.  You should report to the exam room before this time, to be seated and ready to commence at this time.  Reading time is 15 minutes.  Writing time commences at the end of reading time, and the exam duration is calculated from the start of writing time.  A remaining time warning will be given 15 minutes before the end of the exam.

Exam time on timetable 9.00am, duration 2 hours
Reading time commences 9.00am
Writing time commences 9.15am
Remaining time warning 11.00am
Exam finishes 11.15


Admission to exam room

Late students will not be admitted to exam rooms after the first 30 minutes of writing time.  Student must remain in the room during the first 30 minutes of writing time, and the last 15 minutes of writing time.

Once you have entered the exam room and reading time has commenced the option of a deferred examination is not available.

All seats are numbered.  You must sit at a desk allocated to your unit.  Seat allocations are displayed outside the exam room.

Materials permitted in exam rooms

Severe penalties apply for misconduct, cheating, possession of unauthorised materials, improper use of materials, unauthorised removal of materials from examination rooms or ignoring the instructions given by supervisors. Penalties may include failure for the unit and exclusion from the University.

Please read carefully the materials permitted for each examination listed on your timetable.  Any authorised materials will be indicated on your timetable by way of a symbol or symbols for each unit.  A legend of symbols is included on your timetable.  Check this carefully – it is your responsibility to comply with this regulation.  Unannotated materials must not contain highlighting, underlining, tabs or notes.

All students may take pens, pencils, rubbers and rulers into the examination room.  These must be loose or in clear plastic bags ONLY. No pencil cases are permitted.

Students may take sweets and wallet sized purses into the exam room.  You are strongly advised not to take your mobile phone into the exam room.  If you take your mobile phone into an exam, you must place it face up on your desk, turned off.  You will be responsible for the security of your phone during the exam.  You must not use your phone as a calculator during the exam.

You must remove all other belongings from the vicinity of the exam room.  This will be strictly enforced.  You will be asked to remove your belongings even if this will delay the start of your exam.  Belongings left in unattended areas remain the student’s responsibility.  Please note that the vicinity of the exam room includes all areas near the exam room, so you may be directed to remove your belongings to an area some distance away.

Smoking is not permitted in any venue.  Water bottles are not permitted, as water spills have resulted previously in the destruction of exam scripts and disruption to exams. Water is available at all venues.  If you require a drink, raise your hand and a supervisor will escort you outside.

During the examination

You must listen carefully to, and comply with, the opening announcements, which will not be repeated. You should read all instructions on the examination paper and answer books. A copy of the answer book cover and instructions appears on the last page of this document.

During the allotted reading time you may write notes, including on your exam paper and in your answer booklet. You must not write until instructed that reading time has commenced. The time allotted for the examination is the exact time prescribed after the opening announcements have been made and the reading time of 15 minutes has elapsed.

If you wish to leave the room temporarily or leave the examination early you must indicate this to a supervisor.

Use only approved answer books or approved paper for answering. Details required on the front cover of answer books must be completed even if the paper is not attempted. Marks may be deducted for illegible writing. Begin the answer to each question on a new page and write on both sides of the page. Use any page for rough work, but draw a clear diagonal line across this page.
Put your student ID number on any continuation answer books or approved loose sheets of paper. If you make an error while filling in your student number on your answer book you must inform a supervisor who will witness any correction. If you require another book, please ask a supervisor. Answer books and question papers must not be taken from the examination room, whether used or unused.

Queries during an examination

Students may not communicate with each other in any way in the examination room, whether an exam is in progress or not.

As a courtesy to students whose exam is still underway, please do not talk near an examination venue, for example, when exiting after a 2 hour exam.

If you wish to talk to a supervisor, raise your hand. If you wish to query an examination question you should raise your hand, explain, then work on other questions. If a correction to an examination paper is necessary, you will be advised.

If your lecturer is present in the room during reading time, you may talk directly to your lecturer.

The University will provide an English dictionary in each examination room. Raise your hand if you wish to use the dictionary. The dictionary is only available for short periods of use.

Fire alarms

In the event that a fire alarm rings during an examination, you should follow the instructions of the Head Supervisor in the examination venue.

Conclusion of the examination

All students must cease writing immediately when instructed to do so and must remain seated and silent until all answer books and question papers have been collected and the instruction to leave the room has been given.

You should allow an additional hour for each examination when determining domestic arrangements in case of delays.

Written examinations may be supplemented by viva voce (oral) examinations held at a separate time. It is your responsibility to ensure that your correct address and phone number are recorded with the Student Centre at all times.

If you have any queries regarding examinations, please contact the Student Centre on 1300 361 928 or email Exams@admin.utas.edu.au.


Examination answer book

Below is a sample of an examination answer book, followed by the instructions included on the actual books. Each booklet used must be filled out correctly according to the following instructions.

Example Exam Booklet

Failure to follow the instructions below MAY be an offence under the Ordinance of Student Discipline.

  1. Study the question paper. Do not write on any material until you are instructed to begin the examination.
  2. When instructed, complete all relevant details above.
  3. If you have to correct your student ID number, please raise your hand, and a supervisor will check and initial the alteration.
  4. Do not write in red pen or pencil unless specified on the examination paper.
  5. If you do not submit any answers, complete the details on the front cover of the answer book and write 0 in “Book Number”.
  6. Candidates should write on both sides of each page in the answer book. Any page in the answer book may be used for ‘rough work’ as long as a clear diagonal line is drawn across the page.
  7. Candidates should begin the answer to each question on a new page. Number each question.
  8. Place any additional answer books in sequence inside the front cover of the first answer book.
  9. No part of this answer book is to be torn out, and no writing paper, examination paper, or special materials issued may be removed from the examination room.
  10. Any unauthorised material found after the examination starts will be regarded as possible evidence of cheating or attempting to do so. Please hand any unauthorised material to a supervisor before the examination commences.
  11. If you require the assistance of a supervisor, please raise your hand.
  12. Students may not leave the examination room until 30 minutes after the examination has commenced, and may not leave during the last 15 minutes of the examination.
  13. Any activity deemed by the supervisor as distracting other students is not permitted during examinations.




A copy of the examination instructions can be downloaded here.