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Supplementary Examinations


What is a supplementary exam?

A supplementary exam may be granted after a student has failed the ordinary exam (the ordinary exam is the exam sat in the main exams period) and the mark falls between 40-49%. The supplementary exam is a second opportunity to pass the unit. You cannot request a supplementary exam, it is granted by a Faculty Assessors’ Committee.

For further information about the awarding of supplementary exams, please see Rule 111, part 19 at, and the Guidelines issued by Senate at For information about the format of the supplementary exam, contact your lecturer.

How do I know if I have a supplementary exam?

When you check your results you will know if you have been granted a supplementary exam if you have been given the result NS, TS or FS. You must check your exam timetable immediately, as the supplementary exams take place very soon after the results have been released.

A small number of units have more than one exam. For example, a full year unit may have an exam in first semester and an exam in second semester, or a unit may have two or more exams in the same semester. If you receive a supplementary exam in a unit with more than one paper, there will be a comment on your results page telling you which paper you need to sit, and your timetable will be amended so that it only shows that paper. The title of the paper will be amended to give an indication of the content of the paper you have been asked to re-sit. If you have any queries about which paper you are meant to sit, contact the Examinations Officer. Supplementary exams can be granted for practical exams also, and your timetable will indicate if you need to sit the practical exam.

Very rarely, a student may be asked to undertake supplementary assessment which is not an examination. This may be an assignment, or it may be a viva voce (oral) exam. If this is the case, there will be a message on the Results page next to your result, asking you to contact your school. You must contact your school without delay, as there is only a limited amount of time in which you can do your supplementary assessment.

Dates and Timetable

If you have been given the result NS, TS or FS, check your personal exam timetable page immediately for the date of your supplementary exam.

The dates for the supplementary exam periods are available on the Key Dates page.

Sitting supplementary exam elsewhere

You are expected to sit all your exams at the campus at which you are enrolled. If you would like to apply to sit at another study centre you need to complete an application form and provide supporting documentation. The application form is available from the Forms Directory (see “Alternative Centre”). For more details about applying, see “Sitting exam somewhere else”, under the Special Arrangements section.

The exception to this rule is the deferred and supplementary exams at the end of semester two. Because these exams occur during the summer break, we allow students to sit these exams at another centre, on the mainland, or even overseas. There are charges for sitting on the mainland or overseas.

An application form is available on the website to sit an exam at an alternative venue. Please read all of the information carefully before submitting your application. Applications close less than a week after results release, so get your application in quickly.

Please note that practical exams can only be taken at the campus at which they are taught. This is the case for all semesters and all exams.

Prevented from sitting supplementary examination

There is no process for deferring a supplementary examination. We would usually recommend that you attempt your supplementary examination, and also apply for special consideration in the marking of the supplementary exam, including documentation with your request. There is an application form available through the Forms Directory (see “Special Consideration”). Also see “Special Consideration” in the Illness and Accidents section.

We can make alternative arrangements for supplementary exams, if these will make it possible for you to sit. Due to the short timeframes for this exam period, you should contact the Examinations Office directly, and as soon as possible. You will need to fill out the application form, which is available through the Forms Directory (see “Alternative Arrangements”), and your medical practitioner must fill out part B of the form.
If you are prevented from attending your supplementary examination through accident rather than illness, contact the Examinations Office as soon as possible.

Why didn’t I get a supplementary examination?

Supplementary examinations are granted only in certain circumstances, and are intended to give a student with an otherwise good record a second chance at a unit where the fail was close to a pass mark.

While specific rules vary slightly from faculty to faculty, you can only usually receive one supplementary exam, and must have passed at least half your enrolment in that semester to qualify for any. Generally, your result must be in the 40-49% range to be considered, and you must have passed your internal assessment but failed the exam.

Supplementary exams are granted by faculty before the results are released. It is not possible to apply for a supplementary exam, but if you have any queries about the process you should speak to your lecturer or faculty.